Awards & News

Air Force Life Cycle Management Center & Air Force Rapid Sustainment Office. Disruptiv Technologies has delivered a Phase I SBIR contract to apply many dimensional analytics to improve the tracking of parts needed to increase the readiness level of our nation's warplanes. The technology will also improve Condition Based Maintenance generally. And our team's third-wave AI technology, which does not suffer from the well-documented limitations of machine learning, will be applied for predictive and and prescriptive analytics. We now are applying for Phase II.

Air Force Research Lab & Air Combat Command. The Disruptiv team was awarded a SBIR contract to apply its surveillance software to the automated identification, tracking and characterization of ground target from sensors in air and space. Unlike approaches that depend on machine learning, our team's software does not need to be trained, can identify extremely small and faint targets as little as 1 pixel in size, can track hundreds of targets simultaneously, and can run a laptop computer.

Naval Information Warfare Center - Pacific. Disruptiv Technologies has engaged in a multi-year agreement to apply several of its advanced technologies to improving data analytics, predictive maintenance, and situation awareness of the battlespace. Our team's software for many dimensional analytics, natural language understanding, and third-wave AI will be applied to solving both current problems and discovering future solutions.

Library of Congress. The Disruptiv Technologies team provides enterprise-wide content management for the Library of Congress. Our team's software automates the management of about 12 petabytes of content. It manages data back-ups, digital migrations, load balancing, and geographical dispersion of the Library's world-class content across multiple systems and locations.

Naval Surface Warfare Center - Carderock Division. The Disruptiv team provided several high-performance computers to help Carderock to perform advanced analytics and calculations to improve the design of our Navy's warships.