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Fredrik Salvesen and Jon Lieberman have over 40 years of experience bringing advanced technologies to meet the needs of our customers. Together with our technology partners, we have hundreds of years of experience in developing and delivering innovative solutions to help our customers achieve information superiority. Over the years, we earned a reputation for integrity, customer focus, and creative energy.


As the managing partner of Disruptiv Technologies, Fredrik Salvesen provides business development, sales, business management, contracting, licensing, and patent protection advice on high technology products for our clients. Fredrik has helped Cray Super Computers to develop new business and contracts in the federal market. As the president of Annapolis Technologies, Fredrik managed their contract vehicles and led the development of their software products for document management, image compression and forms recognition. As a program manager at the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), he worked closely with contracts and contractors to develop a large, three-service navigation system deployed in multiple Navy aircraft.

In his current role, Fredrik brings his expertise in program development, project management, contracting, and product licensing to help customers take advantage the Disruptiv Technologies portfolio..

Fredrik earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Maryland and received a Master of Science degree from Catholic University in Engineering Management.  While working at Naval Air Systems Command he earned his Senior Executive Management Development Program from Defense Systems Management College.


Since 1996, Jon Lieberman has helped dozens of military commands, federal agencies, systems integrators and companies to adopt the optimal technologies for mission-critical applications. Following 9-11, Jon worked with multiple military intelligence commands to sort through vast amounts information to find terrorists. He helped our top federal health agencies to intelligently and fairly allocate their grant funding to the most  qualified researchers. After the Fort Hood shooting, Jon provided technology to counter insider threats and to protect our military bases from attack. He led the team that developed the high-level design and delivery of a 360-degree customer information hub to improve the provision of supplies to our nation's soldiers and airmen. He helped to conceive and to deliver a comprehensive information system for a large defense contractor, which dramatically improved the sustainment and readiness of our most sophisticated weapons systems.

As a partner in Disruptiv Technologies, Jon works with senior military officers, C-level and SES executives, program managers, information architects and IT professionals to understand their data challenges, apply the best technologies, and deliver innovative solutions to achieve information superiority. His current work includes:

1) Delivering the most advanced robotic ISR technology to automate the processing of surveillance video.

2) Applying graph databases and third-wave AI to dramatically improve our insight into complex supply chains and demand forecasting.

3) Using the world's only quantum secure data protection to stop hackers 100% of the time and to defeat ransomware attacks.

4) Apply quantum secure technology to enable the world's most secure collaboration platform.

Jon earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Cornell University and a Master of Science degree in Technology Management from the University of Maryland.


We have dozens of partner contributors who are expert in their fields. With them, we bring a unique array of high-quality talent to every project.


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