What is Disruptiv?

Unique Disruptors to achieve Information Superiority:

Detect: Robotic processing of surveillance video (FMV and WAMI) that does not need training. Including change detection, target tracking, massive compression, and 3D generation from 2D imagery. Validated by the US Army and Air Force. Free your operators from staring at video screens. One government video surveillance expert said, "This is the breakthrough we have needed for years."

Protect: The world's only 100% protection of your data: 1) Before and after your perimeter defenses have been penetrated. 2) Secures data at rest, in use, and in transit. 3) Uniquely encrypts and shreds, protecting data at the file and the packet level. 4) Only NIAP-certified data protection that enables use of classified data on mobile devices. 5) Quantum Secure technology that protects your data into the future. 6) Real-time secure operation that is transparent to users, with no change in workflow.

Store: Software that optimizes the storage, multi-level tiering, search and recall of media (images, video, sound) from all sources, all across your enterprise.. Federate the retrieval of media from tape, disc, solid state, on/off premises, and cloud into one seamless name space.

Share: Revolutionary network technology that increases the speed of file sharing and transfers across the WAN by 4-44X.

Direct: Technology to automatically parse, process and re-direct streaming data to multiple locations across your enterprise. Perfect for real-time Cybersecurity and IoT applications.

Understand: Unique linguistics-based text processing that actually interprets the meaning of language.

Cleanse & Correlate: Complete software suite to cleanse, validate, integrate and correlate disparate data to improve the logistics, operations, and intelligence of your enterprise.

Predict & Prescribe. True third-wave AI provides predictive and prescriptive analytics that are fully explainable. No more mysterious black boxes. No large training sets needed. You automatically adapt to changing conditions with minimal supervision.